7/5/2017 Adam bets Conor that Josh Allen will be the 2017 Draft’s #1 overall pick

7/6/2017 Adam says Shane Ray will lead the NFL in sacks in 2017

7/7/2017 Leigh bets Adam that Jamaal Charles will have more carries than C.J. Andersen for the Broncos in 2017

7/9/2017 Leigh bets Adam that the Ravens will make the playoffs

7/9/2017 Adam says Vince Williams will have 120 tackles for the Steelers in 2017

7/9/2017 Adam says it will be a Steelers Pats AFC Championship game

7/9/2017 “Week 13 I ain’t worried.” -Adam

7/9/2017 Adam and Leigh think that DeShone Kizer will start at least 8 games

7/12/2017 “Blake Bortles will be selling surf boards in Pompona Beach Florida in 3 years” -Tommy

7/12/2017 Leigh says the Colts will make the playoffs

7/12/2017 Adam says Deshaun Watson will start week one

7/12/2017 Adam and Tommy think that after the 2017 season that an argument can be made for Jalen Ramsey being the best corner in the league

7/14/2017 Leigh says the Bills will finish higher than the Dolphins in the AFC East, Adam picks ‘Phins

7/14/2017 Adam bets Leigh that Kenny Sills, Devante Parker, and Jarvis Landry will combine for 3,000 total yards receiving

7/16/2017 Leigh says the Saints will make the playoffs

7/18/2017 Leigh says the Seahawks will miss the playoffs/Adam agrees on 8/22

7/24/2017 “8-8”-Leigh (Dallas Cowboys)/Not make playoffs

7/24/2017 Leigh says Terrelle Pryor catches for 1200+ yards and 8+ TDs

7/29/2017 Adam bets Leigh that Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson will combine for 2,300 yards

8/10/2017 Leigh says the Redskins will make the playoffs this year

8/25/2017 Adam says Torrey Smith will have 1,000 receiving yards

9/2/2017 Adam says the Eagles will win the NFC East

9/2/2017 Adam says the Browns will not finish last in the AFC North.

9/6/2017 Leigh says the Chiefs will win less than 8 games

9/7/2017 Tommy and Leigh think Jacksonville will beat Houston week one. Adam wholly disagrees.

10/3/2017 Leigh says Texans will win the AFC South

10/13/2017 Leigh says Eagles (5-1) will not win more than 10 games. Adam disagrees.