Leigh says the Chargers get 13+ wins (7/14/18)

Adam says the Rams go below .500 (7/14/18)

Adam says that Dez Bryant will sign with the Colts (7/22/18) (Leigh Co-Signs)

Tommy picks Derrick Henry to lead the league in rushing in 2018 (7/22/18)

Tommy says Dalvin Cook will finish the season with more rushing yards than Jordan Howard (7/30/18)

Adam says Vikings will win below 10 games “No Playoffs” (7/30/18)

Adam says Cowboys and Giants will finish below .500 (7/30/18)

Leigh says Cowboys will win under 7 games (7/30/18)

John Dolan says Lions will beat the Vikings twice (8/2/18)

Leigh says no playoffs for Pittsburgh, will also lose 1 game to Cleveland (8/2/18)

The boys say Myles Garrett leads the league in sacks (9/5/18)

Adam and Leigh bet Tommy that the Seahawks will win 4 or more games than the Cardinals (9/5/18)

The boys say the Packers and Vikings come in the first two spots in the NFC North (9/5/18)

Tommy says Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, and Mohammed Sanu will have more yards than the top three pass catchers on any other team in the NFL, Adam and Leigh dissent (9/5/18)

Adam, Tommy, and Leigh say Lamar Jackson will have more than 150 yards from scrimmage (non-throwing) in games he doesn’t start or replace Flacco due to injury (9/5/18)

Leigh says no playoffs for the Saints, Tommy and Adam dissent (9/5/18)

Tommy says Dirk Koetter is the first coach fired, Adam and Leigh dissent (9/5/18)

Leigh and Adam say the Eagles get under 10 wins, Tommy dissents (9/5/18)

Tommy says Harold Landry gets 10+ sacks, Adam and Leigh dissent (9/5/18)

Adam says the Bills and Cardinals will start out 0-4, while the Saints and Seahawks start out 4-0. Tommy and Leigh dissent (9/5/18)