Leigh says the Chargers get 13+ wins (7/14/18) NO:12-4 FALSE PROPHET

Adam says the Rams go below .500 (7/14/18) NO: 12-4 FALSE PROPHET

Adam says that Dez Bryant will sign with the Colts (7/22/18) (Leigh Co-Signs) NO: New Orleans FALSE PROPHETS

Tommy picks Derrick Henry to lead the league in rushing in 2018 (7/22/18) NO: Ezekiel Elliot, 1,434 FALSE PROPHET

Tommy says Dalvin Cook will finish the season with more rushing yards than Jordan Howard (7/30/18) NO: Jordan Howard 935, Dalvin Cook 615 FALSE PROPHET

Adam says Vikings will win below 10 games “No Playoffs” (7/30/18) Yes, 8-7-1, Yes No Playoffs PROPHET WORTHY OF WORSHIP

Adam says Cowboys and Giants will finish below .500 (7/30/18) No, Giants 5-11, Cowboys 10-6 FALSE PROPHET

Leigh says Cowboys will win under 7 games (7/30/18) No, 10-6 FALSE PROPHET

John Dolan says Lions will beat the Vikings twice (8/2/18) No, Lost twice FALSE PROPHET

Leigh says no playoffs for Pittsburgh, will also lose 1 game to Cleveland (8/2/18) No, No playoffs but lost to Cleveland twice. FALSE PROPHET

The boys say Myles Garrett leads the league in sacks (9/5/18) No, Myles Garrett 13.5, Aaron Donald 20.5 FALSE PROPHETS

Adam and Leigh bet Tommy that the Seahawks will win 4 or more games than the Cardinals (9/5/18) Leigh and Adam Win, Seahawks 10-6, Cardinals 3-13 TOMMY IS A FALSE PROPHET, LEIGH AND ADAM WORTHY OF WORSHIP

The boys say the Packers and Vikings come in the first two spots in the NFC North (9/5/18) No, Bears, Vikings, Packers, Lions FALSE PROPHETS

Tommy says Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, and Mohammed Sanu will have more yards than the top three pass catchers on any other team in the NFL, Adam and Leigh dissent (9/5/18) Yes, 3,336 yards. Beat Chiefs by 2 yards and Steelers by 3. PROPHET WORTHY OF WORSHIP

Adam, Tommy, and Leigh say Lamar Jackson will have more than 150 yards from scrimmage (non-throwing) in games he doesn’t start or replace Flacco due to injury (9/5/18) No, 139 yards. FALSE PROPHETS

Leigh says no playoffs for the Saints, Tommy and Adam dissent (9/5/18)  Leigh loses, Saints 1 seed in NFL. LEIGH IS FALSE PROPHET

Tommy says Dirk Koetter is the first coach fired, Adam and Leigh dissent (9/5/18) No, Hue TOMMY FALSE PROPHET

Leigh and Adam say the Eagles get under 10 wins, Tommy dissents (9/5/18) Tommy loses, Eagles go 9-7. ADAM AND LEIGH PROPHETS WORTHY OF WORSHIP

Tommy says Harold Landry gets 10+ sacks, Adam and Leigh dissent (9/5/18) Tommy loses, 4.5 sacks FALSE PROPHET

Adam says the Bills and Cardinals will start out 0-4, while the Saints and Seahawks start out 4-0. Tommy and Leigh dissent (9/5/18) No FALSE PROPHET

Leigh says Hue Jackson will be fired by the Browns’ week 11 bye  (10/21/18) Yes, Week 9 LEIGH IS A PROPHET WORTHY OF WORSHIP

J.P. says Mahomes and Chiefs will win the Super Bowl (12/19/18) No, FALSE PROPHET

Adam takes NFC field for playoffs over Vikings against Leigh YES, Eagles #6 seed. ADAM IS A PROPHET WORTHY OF WORSHIP

Adam says all 4 road teams win Wild Card weekend 2019 $25 parlay (1/2/19) NO Seattle lost, FALSE PROPHET

Leigh says Kyler Murray will be the #1 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft (2/20/19). YES, LEIGH IS A PROPHET WORTHY OF WORSHIP

Leigh and Adam say Cody Ford will go top 10 in the NFL Draft (3/1/2019). NO FALSE PROPHETS

Klepp says the Giants trade up to 2 and select Haskins, the 49ers draft DK at 6 (3/20/19) NO FALSE PROPHET

Klepp says 4 QBs will be drafted before pick no.20 in the 2019 NFL draft (Tommy and Leigh dissent) (4/7/19) KLEPP FALSE PROHPET, LEIGH AND TOMMY WORTHY OF WORSHIP

Klepp says T.J. Hockenson doesn’t go 1-19 in the draft (4/7/19) (Tommy Dissents) KLEPP FALSE PROPHET (LIONS)

Leigh says Case Keenum starts week 1 for Redskins (4/28/19) (Adam and Tommy Dissent) YES: LEIGH IS A PROPHET WORTHY OF WORSHIP, ADAM AND TOMMY FALSE PROPHETS

Adam says 10+ sacks for Matt Judon (6/17/19) (Leigh joins)

Adam bets Conor that Martavis Bryant and Michael Floyd won’t combine for 500 receiving yards (6/17/19)

IF Tyreek Hill misses games, Adam says Byron Pringle will have more receiving yards than Mecole Hardman in those games (7/9/19)

Leigh says the Colts will win the AFC South and get a 1st round bye (7/8/19)

Leigh says the Colts will be the only team in the AFC South with double digit wins, only team to make the playoffs. (7/8/19)

Tommy says DK Metcalf 8 or more touchdown receptions, Leigh dissents (7/10/19)

Leigh says the Jets get 10 wins in 2019 – Weeks 7-14 will only lose once – (7/11/19)

Leigh says the Redskins will start 0-5 (7/11/19)

Leigh says Jay Gruden fired before the end of the season (7/11/19)

Adam says B.J. Blunt makes the Redskins’ 53 man roster and is active Week 1 (Leigh co-signs) (7/11/2019)

Tommy says Miles Sanders has more all-purpose yards than Jordan Howard (7/11/19)

Tommy says Eagles get a first round bye (7/11/19)

Adam says Falcons win the Super Bowl (7/21/19)

Leigh says the Steelers win week one in Foxborough and go on to win the AFC North (Adam co-signs) (7/27/19)

Adam says the Packers will come in last in the NFC North and Matt LeFleur will be a one and done head coach (7/27/19)

Leigh says Mitch Trubisky will never play in a game bigger than the divisional game against the Eagles (Adam Co-Signs) (7/27/19)

Adam says Mitch Trubisky will never win a game at Ford Field (Leigh and Dolan Co-Sign) (7/29/19)

Leigh says Rams will not get double-digit wins or make playoffs (8/14/19)

Leigh and Adam bet Tommy that the Lions will have more wins than the Cardinals (8/21/19)

Adam says No Playoffs for the Chargers, Leigh and Tommy dissent (8/21/19)

Adam says no AFC Championship game appearance for the Patriots (8/21/19)

Leigh says no playoffs for both NFC Championship game teams from last year (Rams and Saints) Tommy dissents (8/21/19)

Tommy says David Montgomery wins offensive rookie of the year (8/21/19)

Adam says that the Eagles and Cowboys will finish in the top half of the NFC East and the Redskins and Giants will finish in the bottom half (9/1/19) (Leigh Dissents, Tommy Co-Signs)

Leigh says the Giants will beat the Cowboys once this year (9/1/19)

Tommy bets Leigh that Emmanuel Sanders will have more receptions than Cortland Sutton (9/1/19)

Adam says Devin Singletary has the most fantasy points of rookie running backs (9/1/19)

Adam bets Leigh and Tommy that the Cardinals will have a top 5 draft pick in 2020 (9/1/19)

Leigh says the Steelers will go 5-1 in division play (9/3/19)

Leigh says Cardinals will get 2+ division wins (10/13/19)