Patriots Move Jimmy Garoppolo

Who said the NFL trade deadline can’t be fun?

Within a few hours of each other, LT Duane Brown was traded from the Texans to the Seahawks, and Jimmy Garoppolo was finally traded from the Patriots to the 49ers. The Brown trade will have much more of an impact on the 2017 season, and good on Jon Schneider for somewhat addressing his o-line problem with a real solution. However, the Garoppolo move is much bigger news, because the quarterbacks run this league.

I was shocked to see that the Patriots made this move. Currently Tom Brady is the only QB on the roster, and trading away Garoppolo leaves them vulnerable to injury. If Tom Brady gets a season-ending injury, the Patriots will not make the Super Bowl.  I also don’t think the Patriots got that great of value for either of their Quarterbacks, and should’ve traded away one or the other, not both. With Jacoby Brissett, who has shown some nice flashes on an atrocious Colts squad, was a 3rd round pick who was traded for Phillip Dorsett, who played 8 snaps against the Chargers. As for Garoppolo, he was selected 63rd overall in the second round. For 3 1/2 years of coaching development, you get to move from the bottom of the second to the top of the third round, for a player who if retained could’ve taken the reigns from Brady and led the Patriots for the next fifteen years.

Image result for jacoby brissett
The Patriots moved both of their young QBs within 3 months. 

I don’t care how much avocado toast Brady eats. He’s 40. One low hit, bad concussion, anything, and it could be curtains for his career. Trading away both of your young quarterbacks who you took with top-half picks in the draft was a bad move. You lost the Brissett trade, and with one bad hit to Brady you lost the future with Garoppolo.

Let’s do talk about the 49ers side of things. Garoppolo is now your QB of the 2018 season. Only spending a 2nd round pick on him doesn’t marry you to him for the rest of time, but being in a contract year it’ll be very interesting to see what Shanahan and Lynch do for signing him in 2018. Personally, I would franchise him and see what his true worth is in 2018.

Irregardless, Lynch will very likely have a top 2 pick in this years draft. This pick will be an offensive player, bet the mortgage on it. Saquon Barkley is the dream here, but that may require going 0-16 with the way the Browns are playing. That being said, the Browns may finally use their top pick to take a QB, letting Barkley fall into their laps at 2. Another option if Barkley is gone when they pick is to get a truck full of picks/players for a QB hungry franchise willing to sell the family farm for one of this years prized signal callers.

The 49ers are set up well for the future, and I want to give a lot of credit John Lynch in his first year as GM for having the fortitude to pull off 3 huge trades.

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