Where Did the Good Boys Go?

To hide away, hide away…my apologies for that. Putting aside the Daya, seriously, where did the good boys go? This is the most wide-open NFL I’ve seen in my near ten years of serious football viewing, but I’m sure many older fans would agree with this sentiment. The facts back it up too.


Check out this graphic courtesy of @RNBWCV on Twitter. After week 6, the NFL had 27 teams with winning percentages between 74-26 percent. To make things even more interesting, the Chiefs, one of the two post week 6 teams along with the Philadelphia Eagles to have a winning percentage better than 75, lost on Thursday Night. They now have a record of 5-2, putting them at 71%. As of this Saturday morning, the Philadelphia Eagles of all teams are the only members. Let’s take one more step into crazy-land. If the Eagles were to lose Monday Night to the Redskins, no matter what happens Sunday, there will be ZERO NFL franchises with a winning percentage higher than 71, a record of 5-2. Wow.

So, is there a good team this year? Let’s attack this question chronologically. On September 7th, the Patriots and Chiefs kicked off the season. The Patriots were aiming to be 16-0, and basically had the AFC wrapped up. Surprise! The defense is atrocious, and through 6 games has given up 300 yards to every passer, a group that includes Josh McCown.

Week 2, and maybe we overrated the Patriots a little bit. However, with Martavis Bryant, Antonio Brown, and Le’Veon Bell all healthy/not suspended this team may just be the best in the league right? Nah. How about a week 2 loss to the Bears in OT to kill that theory. The Steelers even lost to the Jaguars 30-9 AT HOME in week 4. Despite a win to the then undefeated Chiefs in Arrowhead, with losses to the Bears and Jags it’s currently tough to say the Steelers are good.

It’s week 3, and we finally accept that the Chiefs may just be pretty good, but are they even the best in their division? Those high flying Oakland Raiders are 2-0 and have beaten a sneaky good Titans team and beat the crap out of the Jets at home. Marshawn is dancing! Just kidding. The Raiders went on to lose 4 straight games and Amari Cooper is MIA, definitely not good.

Okay, week 4, those Chiefs are still good, but how could we have forgotten about the former NFC Champions? They’re 3-0, and the offense was unstoppable against the Lions defense which has been forcing some turnovers. New OC Steve Sarkisian has it figured out, and the Falcons look to roll. Of course they lose to the Bills at home before the bye week. I may not know much, but a home loss to even a frisky Bills team as the prior NFC Champs is not good. Let’s be honest, you got lucky against the Bears and Lions too.

In week 5, the Chiefs are rolling, and the Packers with a red-hot Aaron Rodgers are the best teams in the NFL. But what about those pesky Detroit Lions? They’re 3-1 after beating the Vikings in a bruiser of a game, but when you really think about it, this team should be 4-0 after they got screwed with a :10 second run-off. Everyone gets injured and the Lions drop back to back games to the Panthers and Saints, trailing 27-10 and 45-10  at one point in each of the games. Not good.

Okay, it was silly of us to think the Lions would actually be one of the NFL’s best teams, but the Packers and Chiefs both won! We finally got it right in week 6! Right? Right…

The Chiefs lose for the first time all year to the Steelers at home, and the Packers lose to the Vikings in Minnesota, and also lose Aaron Rodgers for the season due to a broken collarbone.

Welcome to present time, week 7, where the Chiefs already lost again and I guess the Philadelphia Eagles are going to take their turn as king of the hill. Who knows if it’ll stick, and as history shows us they probably won’t.

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