It’s Time to Shut Down Andrew Luck

Cut your losses while also increasing your gains, Colts. It seems like 1st year GM Chris Ballard is the first person ever to ‘win’ a trade with the New England Patriots, when he traded under-performing WR Phillip Dorsett from the Grigson era to the Pats for their 3rd string QB Jacoby Brissett. After an appalling performance from Scott Tolzien in week one which included a pick-6 on his first pass of the game, Brissett entered the fold in week two and hasn’t looked back.

As your 140 million dollar franchise center-piece, having Andrew Luck at 100% health for the 2018 season is the smarter choice after suffering a recent set-back in his recovery. Even if he is cleared to play at any point this year, the season is all but lost for the Colts and there’s no reason to put Luck in harms way for ‘reps’. Chris Ballard is a promising young GM, and I think this Colts team will be looking a lot better after two full seasons of Ballard at the controls.

Image result for chris ballard
Colts GM Chris Ballard contemplating his QB conundrum.

I also believe that every snap Luck sits, Brissett gains value. If he is able to keep his play consistent, I believe the Colts could flip him for a second round pick in this years draft. As his play this year has shown, Brissett is a cerebral guy who could easily keep a better roster in the playoff hunt and possibly develop into something more. Teams like the Jaguars, Cardinals, or Steelers all have murky QB situations for the future with talented rosters, and Brissett could be a worthy pick-up. Depending on how they felt about him, these teams could try and coach him to be their franchise QB, but at the very least Brissett could be a more than worthy stop-gap guy as you develop a rookie draft pick.

The bottom line, playing Luck in a meaningless year is pointless while Brissett keeps the team afloat and increases his value for the offseason.


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