Tommy and Leigh’s Week 3 Power Rank

32. New York Jets (last week:31)

Darnold would look great in that green and white.

31. Indianapolis Colts (last week:32)

Brissett looked like a clear upgrade from Tolzien in their week 2 OT loss. Hopefully Luck can come back week 4 so they can compete for the AFC South, a division that seems to be completely up for grabs 2 weeks in.

30. San Francisco 49er (last week:30)

The 9ers put up a good fight against a shady Seattle team. The playoffs may be highly unlikely, but a primetime TNF win against the Boy King isn’t.

29. Chicago Bears (last week:29)

After putting up a commendable home effort in a week 1 loss to Atlanta, the Bears got demolished by the Bucs in Tampa. There is no chance the Bears do not finish 4th in the NFC North.

28. Cleveland Browns (last week:28)

0-2 Cleveland is playing a depleted 0-2 Colts group this week. It is a great chance for them to get a much needed win to boost the MOJO in Cleveland.

27. Cincinnati Bengals (last week:25)

The Bengals are a mess. They need to turn a new leaf and start scoring some points with their offensive weapons if they want to compete this year.

26. Houston Texans (last week:26)

The Texans squeaked out of TNF with an ugly win in Cincinnati. It will be tough to visit Foxborough and do the same week 3. We don’t expect a climb in the ranks anytime soon for Houston.

25. Buffalo Bills (last week:27)

The Bills lost a defensive matchup in Carolina week 2. This team, more importantly, it’s offense, host a red hot Broncos team week 3.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars (last week:24)

After being tied a halftime against Tennessee, the Jags imploded in the second half and Bortles looked like classic Bortles. They take a trip across the pond to play the Ravens in London week 3.

23. Arizona Cardinals (last week:23)

A win is a win, but the Cardinals looked rather unimpressive in their 16-13 OT win over the “Luckless” Colts. MNF in Jerry World will not be easy, but a win would be absolutely huge and would most definitely provide a much needed boost in confidence in AZ.

22. New Orleans Saints (last week:21)

After losing a tough first two games, the Saints travel to division rival Carolina in week 3. With their backs dangerously close to the wall, the Saints must win week 3.

21. New York Giants (last week:9)

Possibly the NFL’s most disappointing team 2 weeks in, the Giants, like the Saints, are traveling to a division rival’s house in week 3. Their game in Philly is a must win to thrust the G-Men back into the NFC East divisional race.

20. Los Angeles Chargers (last week:16)

The Chargers are 2 field goals away from being 5 or 6 on this list. This team needs to do everything they can to stop playing like they did last year and losing games in the last 5 seconds. A home win against an unblemished Kansas City team would do wonders for the Chargers. A loss could

19. Los Angeles Rams (last week:22)

The Los Angeles Rams were in the right spot to lead a fourth quarter drive against the Redskins before Jared Goff threw awful interception to end the game. Not only was this the result of their week 2 matchup, but it seems a fitting analogy to the Rams this season as a whole. Sean McVay has reinvigorated this offense, the offense line is much improved and Todd Gurley looks to be back in 2015 form. Wade Phillip’s has this defense playing at a win-able level. It comes back to the quarterback, Jared Goff will continue to be the engine that moves this ship.

18. Miami Dolphins (last week:20)

Although it was ultimately because of a Younghoe Koo miss, it was still a win for the Dolphins in their first game. If Adam Gase truly is bringing the best out of Cutler, Miami could impress in a slumpy division.

17. Carolina Panthers (last week:18)

Carolina is the most unimpressive 2-0 team in the NFL. Cam Newton has been wildly inaccurate and their offense has slowed down with him. The Panthers can not continue to play like this if they want to compete in the NFC South.

16. Washington Redskins (last week:17)

Tied for first place in the NFC East, the Redskins are hosting a red hot Raiders team in week 3 on Sunday Night Football. This should be a great test for Kirk Cousins and a questionable Redskins offense.

15. Minnesota Vikings (last week:12)

A week 2 loss to the Steelers with Case Keenum under center dulled the glow of Minnesota’s impressive week 1 win. A challenge awaits with a hungry Tampa Bay team coming to town this week, and if Sam Bradford can’t go, it is tough to see them winning. That being said, Minnesota has a legit defense and it can keep them in any game.

14. Philadelphia Eagles (last week:15)

The Eagles didn’t quite get the result they desired last week as they lost to Kansas City. This week the underwhelming Giants come to town, a poor showing could give the Giants their first win of the season. This would be a big set back for Doug Peterson and co.

13. Seahawks (last week: 11) 

The Seahawks edged out their first win against the 49ers, 12-9. This offense still struggles behind a porous offensive line, leaving Russel Wilson on the run even more than he’s comfortable with. Their defense will continue to keep them in games like they have for the past four years, but will their offense be up for the task?

12. Tennesse Titans (last week:14)

After getting their first win in week two against the rival Jaguars, the Titans host the Seahawks this week in what will be a telling game for both teams. The Titans defense should be able to put pressure on Russel Wilson and get a win at home. That could be huge for the Titans, putting them atop their division, setting up a playoff season in Nashville.

11. Dallas Cowboys (last year:4)

A 25 point loss on the road in Denver was the worst the Cowboys have looked in the Dak-Zeke era. The offensive line paved no way for the run game and Dak was forced to throw the ball fifty times. This will never be a successful recipe for this offense, who has a chance at redemption Monday Night at home against a sub par Arizona Cardinals team this week.

10. Detroit Lions (last week: 13)

The Lions are 2-0, but are their wins legit? For know we won’t know, they have looked impressive nonetheless. Matt Stafford continues to affirm his status as one of the NFL’s best and the team seems to go as he will. Their defense looks improved on last year, but they will have their hands full this week against the Falcons. A win at home against Atlanta could ultimately legitimize Detroit.

9. Denver Broncos (last week:19)

New Head Coach, Vance Joseph, has gotten off to a great start in Denver. The 2-0 Broncos looked like world beaters in week two, taking the Cowboys for a ride. Trevor Siemien looks like he can maybe be more than a solid complimentary quarterback and this defense has not lost a step. A week 3 win in Buffalo would continue Denver’s recent history of being unbeatable in September.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (last week:9)

The Bucs made easy work of a traveling Bears team last week. This team looked to be firing on all cylinders and a true test against the Vikings defense at U.S Bank in week 3 will not be as easy.

7. Baltimore Ravens (last week:7)

The Ravens have beaten two bad teams in good fashion in weeks 1 and 2. They should beat the Jags in London week 3 to set up the week 4 clash of division powers between them and the Steelers.

6. Green Bay Packers (last week:2)

Atlanta trounced the Packers in their first even game in their expensive new stadium. It was evident that there are some holes in Green Bay, but what else is new. This team will be ready in December.

5. Kansas City Chiefs (last week:6)

According to most of the NFL experts out there, this team is number one. And yes, they have looked the most impressive through 2 weeks, but I do not see this surreal level of play lasting in KC. That being said, they are still a very good team that should continue to give opposing teams lots of trouble as the season continues.

4. Oakland Raiders (last week:5)

Similar to their division counterpart, the Raiders are on quite the tear to start the season. This is another team that seems to be locked in this season, and while they could possibly lose some fire as the season goes on, they seem just as likely to be hanging around come playoff time.

3. Atlanta Falcons (last week:8)

The Falcons looked like the offensively dominant team they were all last year on Sunday Night against the Pack. If this highly talented team can continue to rely on their explosive offense and solid or better defense, they will control their division.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (last week:3)

Another week, another win for the Steelers as they head to Chicago in week 3 for what should be a win. This team looks like a well rounded, top 5 team so far and Tomlin will have them improving as he always does.

1. New England Patriots (last week:1)

The Pats looked dominant in New Orleans last week. This team seems to have healed from their week 1 wounds and will continue to be the team to beat in the NFL.

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