Tommy and Leigh’s Week 2 Power Rankings

32. Indianapolis Colts (last week: 28)

Week one proved that no single player in the NFL means more to their team than Andrew Luck. Until 12 is quarterbacking this team, they will not win a game.

31. New York Jets (last week: 32)

The Jets put up some fight in their week one divisional matchup against Buffalo, but ultimately fell short. Expect more of the same for this group.

30. San Francisco 49ers (last week: 29)

The 49ers had some buzz heading into their week one game against Carolina. It was all obliterated by their underwhelming offensive performance in a 22-3 loss. It may take a bit longer than expected for Shannahan and co. to get the wheels turning in Santa Clara.

29. Chicago Bears (last week: 31)

The Bears were down 6 on the Falcons 8 yard line and squandered their 4 opportunities to win the game. Having said that, they put themselves in a position to win and some of their young guys look promising. The future may be brighter than expected in Chicago but as for now they are still a bottom 5 team.

28. Cleveland Browns (last week: 27)

Rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer and the Browns put up a valiant fight against division foe Steelers in week one dogfight. But never managed to gain control of the game at any point. Next weeks matchup in Baltimore should be telling.

27. Buffalo Bills (last week: 30)

The Bills beat a lackluster Jets team in their opener and looked decent doing it. A week two win against HC McDermott’s former team Carolina would prove a lot for this team.

26. Houston Texans (last week: 24)

The Texans put up a dismal effort against Jacksonville. The Tom Savage era is over for now, and the Deshaun Watson era begins. A win Thursday night in Cincinati would be a step in the right direction.

25. Cincinnati Bengals (last week: 22)

The Bengals were held scoreless in their home debut on Sunday against an impressive Ravens squad. Andy Dalton seems to have taken a few steps backwards since their playoff season three years ago and a faulty defense on the other side of the ball doesn’t help either.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars (last week: 25)

Jacksonville won their first season opener since 2011 behind a stout defensive performance and somewhat reliable play from Blake Bortles. If they can continue this trend they are a legitimate threat for the AFC South crown.

23. Arizona Cardinals (last week: 14)

The Arizona Cardinals looked like a team on the decline in their week one loss at Detroit. Despite a formidable defense, Carson Palmer looks like he’s over the hill, and David Johnson could be out for the year recovering from wrist surgery. From looking like a team both if us liked to challenge the Seahawks, the Cardinals are looking at a possible rebuild.

22. Los Angeles Rams (last week: 26)

The Rams opened up an old can on the Luck-less Colts on Sunday. Despite the low level of talent they faced, it was a good showing for the Rams who were offensively challenged all of last year. Viva La Boy King!

21. New Orleans Saints (last week: 19)

The Saints drop two spots in our rankings after suffering a tough Monday night loss at the Vikings. The debut of the triple headed monster in the Saints backfield was disappointing as the team looked overmatched by the Vikings defense, failing to score a touchdown until the fourth quarter. A difficult test against New England awaits them in week 2.

20. Miami Dolphins (last week: 22)

Miami did not play week one due to hurricane Irma. A week two test against the Chargers should give us a better feel for where the phins stand.

19. Denver Broncos (last week: 23)

The Broncos took care of business in the second leg of the Monday Night special. It wasn’t a pretty win, but a win is a win and the defense looked good. If Simien can perform to that level on a week to week basis, the Broncos may ride their way up the ranks.

18. Carolina Panthers (last week: 21)

Cam Newton looked average against the 49ers. Carolina needs to improve if they want to make a playoff push.

17. Washington Redskins (last week: 15)

The Redskins were stripped of an opportunity to win their season opener. Having said that, they dd not look overly impressive. If this team continues to refuse to rise above average, then average they will be.

16. Los Angeles Chargers (last week: 10)

The Chargers should have won. The fact that they didn’t makes me feel like this team may not be too different from last years team after all. This group needs to get their act together and start to control more games. If they don’t it will be another long and excruciating season for Chargers faithful.

15. Philadelphia Eagles (last week: 17)

2nd year slinger Carson Wentz out-gunned division rival Kirk Cousins in an impressive season opening win for the birds. The Eagles play what is probably the most interesting game in a week 2 matchup against the Chiefs. With a win there, this team could find themselves sittin’ pretty in the top 10.

14. Tennessee Titans (last week: 9)

The Titans looked like the inferior team in week one against Oakland. Time will tell whether that is due to Oaklands ability to win or the Titans inability to win.

13. Detroit Lions (last week: 18)

The Lions wiped the floor with the ever so old looking Cardinals. Their week 2 primetime matchup in the Meadowlands will speak volumes about this teams identity.

12. Minnesota Vikings (last week: 16)

The defense doesn’t seem to have missed a step, Sam Bradford played like an elite quarterback and Dalvin Cook looked the part of a franchise running back in week one. The Vikings are another team with a tough week two road matchup in Pittsburgh. A loss would not surprise me.

11. Seattle Seahawks (last week: 12)

The Seahawks lost a tough game in Lambeau week one. This team looked exactly how we expected, great defense and terrible offensive line. A week 2 loss to the 49ers would be very surprising.

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (last week: 8)

Like the Dolphins, the Bucs did not play week 1 due to Irma. They host the Bears in their season opener. They should win.

9. New York Giants (last week: 5)

The Giants are not as good as the public initially thought. Their offense looked lost at sea without Odell and their offensive line got absolutely mauled. They will stick around in the top 10 for now due to the talent on their roster, but a week 2 home loss to the hungry Lions would deflate this team.

8. Atlanta Falcons (last week: 3)

The Falcons eeked their way past a mediocre at best Bears team on the road. This team will have to do a lot more if they want to repeat anything close to last years triumphs. I see them losing to the Packers at home this week.

7. Baltimore Ravens (last week: 7)

The Ravens are a solid team. They have arguably the best defensive unit in the league and their offense proved to be good enough last week. But every team they go against will not turn the ball over like the Bengals did, meaning this offense needs to improve if they want to stick around the top 10.

6. Kansas City Chiefs (last week: 13)

Why don’t we just give KC the super bowl already? Just kidding. This team had the most impressive week one win but I do not believe Alex Smith can gun them to multiple wins. Like I said about the Eagles, this week two game will be very telling. For both sides.

5. Oakland Raiders (last week: 11)

The Raiders seem to have picked up right where they left off in terms of last years dominance. This team looked every bit of a super bowl contender week one and shouldn’t stray too far from 5 in weeks to come.

4. Dallas Cowboys (last week: 6)

I wish the Cowboys weren’t this g*d d*mn good but they are. They got Dak Prescott whether they deserve him or not. If this team keeps up with the consistency, they are a no doubt super bowl contender.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (last week: 3)

The Steelers always look shaky in road games, especially early in the season. This team is locked and loaded and nothing would prove that more than a week two home win against and impressive Vikings squad.

2. Green Bay Packers (last week: 4)

The Packers always seem to take care of business no matter what the circumstances are. This team is the king of the NFC and it will take a lot to dethrone them.

1. New England Patriots (last week: 1)

The Patriots are still the best team in the NFL. In years past, this team usually just gets better when you beat them. The defense has work to do and Brady is 40 but it would take an 0-4 start for me to even think about hitting the panic button in New England.







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