Tommy and Leigh’s Week 1 NFL Power Rankings

Albeit our differing opinions, this Power Ranking is us doing our best to come to some sort of middle ground on where the NFL’s 32 teams stack up. We will update this every week. Enjoy.

32. New York Jets

NFL: Miami Dolphins at New York Jets

With the first pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, the New York Jets select…

This is one we can agree on. The Jets are the worst team in the NFL this year, they are in full rebuild mode and we both do not expect them to eclipse 3 wins.

31. Chicago Bears


Trubisky or not, the Bears do not have the talent on either side to compete for a playoff spot in 2017. That being said, they do have some pieces and should make for some interesting games this year.

30. Buffalo Bills


This is mainly due to the overall identity swap this offseason in Buffalo. Trading away Sammy Watkins and Ronald Darby for an onslaught of picks has made it clear that Buffalo has their sights set on the future.

29. San Francisco 49ers


A franchise that has pieces, but does not quite have the mojo of a playoff contender yet. That being said, it seems like that days of organizational confusion are over in the bay area with the John Lynch/Kyle Shannahan GM/HC combo.

28. Indianapolis Colts

16 is quite inferior

The Colts have officially announced that Andrew Luck will be out for week one  against the Rams (and probably longer). With Scott Tolzien presumably being the starter, this team is exponentially worse. Indy may be in for a depressing first 4 weeks of the season.

27. Cleveland Browns


The Browns are another team that seems to be heading in the right direction. But their starting quarterback is a 21 year old gunslinger and they went 1-15 last year.

26. Los Angeles Rams

I have no idea why this team can pay Tavon Austin and not this dude

The Rams are in an interesting predicament. They seem to be in “win now” mode, but yet they refuse to pay their best player. This team has talent but Jared Goff is their starting quarterback. If the Boy King fails to take a step forward in his 2nd season, this team will not win more than 5 games.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars


The Jags made improvements yet again in this offseason, but the dismal play from quarterback Blake Bortles and the shaky offensive line will hold them back yet again in 2017.

24. Houston Texans


The defending AFC South champions will not be repeating in 2017. Their first place schedule will catch up to them and despite their good defense, and formidable offense, this team has taken steps back in a division thats as competitive as its been in recent memory.

23. Denver Broncos 

This is what Kermit the Frog would look like if he played quarterback.

The 2016 Super Bowl victory seems like a distant memory now. 22nd overall pick Paxton Lynch has the makings of a bust and current starter Trevor Siemien’s absolute ceiling is 9-7. While they still have a top 5 defense, Vance Joseph and co. have their work cut out for them if they want to get back to the playoffs let alone the Super Bowl.

22. Cincinnatti Bengals


Marvin Lewis is one mediocre season away from losing his job and this team has a lot to prove if they want coach Lewis to stay around in the forseeable future. A.J Green is no doubt an elite receiver, Andy Dalton is a solid quarterback, and rookie running back Joe Mixon joins an already talented group. The Bengals will try yet again to put it all together in a competitive AFC North. We like the Ravens and Steelers more.

21. Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton.jpg
Bombs away!!!

Things have changed in Charlotte since their appearance in Super bowl 50, most notably, the edge of that defense seemed to falter after the departure of Josh Norman. Also, Cam Newton is being asked by the franchise to change his play style, sighting physical preservation as the main reason. I do not blame them, Newton has the arm to be an elite pass-first QB in the NFL. But it is still an un-natural process.

20. Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins vs Atlanta Falcons pre-season game
Something may be cookin’ in South beach

Jay Cutler left the cushy booth lifestyle to come quarterback this team after Tannehill went down for the year with a knee injury in August. It will be interesting to see if him and Gase can reconnect the dots in 2017. Cutler has some enticing toys in South Beach and this team could climb up the ranks with a few early wins.

19. New Orleans Saints


Another team that could be poised for an impressive year. Their elite quarterback and 3 headed monster at running back should be tough to stop. But their defense is a big question mark, specifically their secondary. A week 1 win @ U.S Bank would be a great way to burst into 2017.

18. Detroit Lions


Sorry Adam, but the Lions tough schedule may get the best of them this year. If this team can’t improve their overall product on Sunday’s it will be another year of disappointment in the Motor City. But there is always a silver lining. Stafford is a great quarterback and he can elevate this team to playoff caliber. Will he?

17. Philadelphia Eagles


Carson Wentz comes into his second year with some new weapons and a mostly improved defensive unit. The only question is can they compete in what is probably the most competitive division in football?

16. Minnesota Vikings

Seattle Seahawks v Minnesota Vikings
Harrison Smith….still holding it down for whiteboys across America

The Purple People eaters have a top 5 defense and a relatively new-look offense after bringing in rookie stud Dalvin Cook. It will most likely be an arms race for second place in that division between them and the Lions. I give the Vikings the edge.

15. Washington Redskins


Similar to the Eagles, it may be an uphill climb to the playoffs for Washington. There is going to be a lot of weight on Kirk Cousins’ shoulders this year. This is the season to prove the doubters wrong for Kirk. Having a good O-Line and adding wideout Terelle Pryor should help take some off the weight off.

14. Arizona Cardinals


The Cardinals are at a potential crossroads in 2017. Carson Palmer is old and is the most immobile player in the NFL and time will soon run out in the fountain of youth for Larry Fitzgerald. Their defense and elite running back should make up for most of the offensive question marks. But if they don’t, the Cardinals could be repeating last years disappointment.

13. Kansas City Chiefs 


The Chiefs are coming off an impressive year and seem to have a similar team. The expectation level is high for Kansas City and it may be tough to deliver in the AFC West.

12. Seattle Seahwaks


The Seahawks have not missed the playoffs since 2011. With the worst O-Line in the NFL, it should be interesting what Pete Carrol has up his sleeve this season. The opener at Lambeau will be telling.

11. Oakland Raiders


The Raiders gambled their way to a lot of close wins last season. Carr and co. can’t expect to repeat that magic week after week. Nonetheless, this team has a playoff roster and will go however far 4 takes them.

10. Los Angeles Chargers


The Chargers are the official baby of The Back Judge. All of us agree that the Chargers have offensive firepower and an elite pass rush. New defensive coordinator Gus Bradley will have this defense locked and loaded this year. Time will tell whether the Chargers can stick around this region of the Power Rankings.

9. Tennessee Titans


The Titans proved they can run with the bulls last year. Marcus Mariota is blossoming into a franchise quarterback behind their punishing O-Line. If the Titans defensive production can begin to match their offensive production, they should be a lock to win the South.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Jameis Winston, the man picked before Mariota in the 2015 draft, has proven to be a bona fide franchise quarterback. This team had a buzz about them last year, causing expectations to be higher than they have been in years in Tampa.

7. Baltimore Ravens

C.J. Mosley

All signs are pointing towards Flacco being ready to go for the opener. This team has the makings of a quietly electric offense and an extremely deep defense. Their new and improved secondary should help their playoff chances in 2017.

6. Dallas Cowboys


After the dream season last year for Dak, most are expecting the Cowboys to be a playoff lock. Others think there may be a hangover in Dallas. It sure will not be easy with arguably the hardest schedule in the league.

5. New York Giants

Horses don’t stop they keep going

2nd year coach Bob McAdoo has a team that is talent rich. After a dissappointing loss in last years playoffs, the Giants will be hungry. But Eli Manning is getting old, and if his play takes a drop, this team may drop with him.

4. Green Bay Packers

I’m an oil man!

The Packers looked washed up for half of last season. They also have the best quarterback in the NFL, who always seems to elevate them. The losses along the O-Line will not be an issue for the Packers. They should win the North.

3. Atlanta Falcons


The Falcons should have won the super bowl last year. The loss of offensive coordinator Kyle Shannahan may bring their offensive numbers down, but this team had a super bowl roster last year, and they improved in the offseason. A playoff whiff in Atalanta would be an underachievement.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers


The Steelers tote the best version of their team in the past 4 years. They have the most offensive ability and variety in football and their defense is more solid than it has been in years. The late additions in the secondary of Joe Haden and J.J Wilcox are great moves. Super Bowl scents are in the air in Pittsburgh, in what could be Big Ben’s last year.

1. New England Patriots


The standard. Bill and Brady are history in the making and even with the loss of Edleman this team is still the clear cut league number one.



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