Seahawks Trade for Sheldon Richardson

Trade season keeps coming with this blockbuster between Seattle and the New York Jets. The Seahawks traded a 2018 2nd round pick and WR Jermaine Kearse for defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson. The Jets have seemingly been trying to move their adversary Richardson for over a year now. Richardson is a locker room cancer who has his fair share of off the field issues as well, including an arrest in which he was driving a Bentley 143 mph with a 12 year old, a loaded semi-automatic gun, and a strong odor of Mrijuana in the vehicle. What can’t be denied is his talent, which is enough for teams like Seattle who believe in their culture enough to give up major assets for players with concerns.

Image result for sheldon richardson arrest
I don’t like Sheldon Richardson.

Jermaine Kearse has been a solid receiver for the Hawks, he was an undrafted signee after the 2012 draft who has exceeded expectations. Kearse would be part of Super Bowl immortality had it not been for Malcolm Butler’s miracle pick. Just a few plays before, Kearse caught a ball that deflected off of Butler and off his own body multiple times before finally securing it around the 5 yard line. With the loss of Quincy Enunwa, the Jets needed a veteran receiver. Kearse will provide that, however the Jets outlook for the year is still bleak.

The Seahawks add Richardson to a talented line that includes Michael Bennett, Frank Clark, and Cassius Marsh. I’m a little surprised that they gave up a 2nd round pick for Richardson, especially given the fact that he is due for a new contract this off-season. Richardson being on the Seahawks will only make me root against them more.

Maybe they plan to move Richardson to left tackle.



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