Lions OG Laken Tomlinson Traded to 49ers

Laken Tomlinson’s time in Detroit is over. Tomlinson was the 28th overall pick in the 2015 NFL draft. While he was a good guy, he never did anything to justify being picked that high. He is one of the last scars from the Mayhew era and Bob Quinn is stitching it up. It sucks that he was a 1st round pick who is being flipped for a 5th just 2 years later, but I’m honestly surprised the Lions are getting anything for him at all. In my mind, I picture this as the Lions trading Laken Tomlinson and a 6th round pick for Greg Robinson and a 5th round pick, which I’ll take any day of the week.

The 9ers have a hole at right guard, but Laken still isn’t very good. That neuro-surgeon career may be starting sooner than expected.

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