Julian Edelman Tears ACL

In the Patriots 3rd preseason game against the Detroit Lions, slot receiver Julian Edelman tore his ACL. Here is the video of the play where he injures his knee.

The Patriots have a knack for having the next man up philosophy when it comes to injuries, but Edelman is their most valuable player on offense other than Brady. He led the NFL in targets last season with 195, twelve more than the second place finisher Antonio Brown.

The Edelman injury opens up a roster spot for my week 2 ‘holler’ pick Austin Carr. Carr is an undrafted receiver from Northwestern and has been having an impressive preseason. With a crowded receive room it was unsure whether he would make the team, but with the Edelman injury I think he will be on the 53 man roster now. I won’t speak too soon, but Carr could be the next Patriots diamond in the rough.

This is the second big ACL injury for the Pats with 3rd round pick Derek Rivers going down last week. We wish Edelman a speedy recovery.

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