Doug Marrone Names Bortles Week One Starter

After giving Chad Henne the start in week three, Jaguars head coach decided he would start Blake Bortles week one. Henne was not awful in the game against the Panthers, however he by no means played well enough to win the job outright. Bortles played in the second half and while he did throw a pick he took the Jags on two touchdown drives. I would start Henne because I’m a biased Bortles hater, however to play Bortles week one is likely the best choice for the franchise. Chad Henne still is a bad quarterback, and the guy Bortles replaced. Bortles was the high pick, you need to see if he undergoes some sort of come to Jesus moment and can pull himself together. If he plays horribly, do not be surprised to see Henne as soon as the third quarter in week one. If I had to bet, I don’t think Bortles will be the starter past week three.

It came out this week that, unsurprisingly, Bortles is having Aguayo-level issues with his mental game. When it came out early in training camp that he had thrown 5 picks in a practice, he became extremely gun-shy in fear of creating more headlines like that one. I don’t doubt that Bortles has worked on his mechanics, but being a functionally sound QB on a practice field in June doesn’t just automatically transfer to a NFL game where bullets are flying.

Jaguars owner Shad Khan said this week that he would ‘absolutely’ sign Colin Kaepernick. This would be a great spot for the controversial figure, Jacksonville is rudderless as a team and in the quarterback room and he’s a better option than Henne or Bortles. It remains to be seen whether Marrone/Coughlin/Caldwell decide to bring in Kaep.

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