Top 10 (14) NFL QB’s Heading Into 2017


1. Aaron Rodgers-Green Bay Packers

It is tough to put anyone ahead of Tom Brady in this category, but I do believe Rodgers is a better quarterback than Brady at this point in both of their respective careers.

When you know you’re good, you just point at people

2. Tom Brady-New England Patriots

Tom Brady is the most legendary quarterback in the history of the NFL. He did also turn 40 this month. It will be interesting to see if the GOAT himself follows suit with past 40+ year old signal callers and we possibly see a decline in his play, but all signs point to him continuing to be great.


3. Drew Brees-New Orleans Saints

Every single year you can count on Drew Brees to be amongst the NFL’s elite in production from the pocket. Now it is just a matter of him and the Saints being able to translate his production into W’s.

Brees…quintessential backyard slinger

4. Andrew Luck-Indianapolis Colts

I am admittedly a big Luck fan. First of all, I don’t think the shoulder injury will take him out for more than the week one game vs the Rams. If he only misses one week I still don’t think it is unfair to expect him to be a top 5 quarterback this year.


5. Derek Carr-Oakland Raiders

Carr is likeable and fun to watch, he also happens to be one of the NFL’s more distinct “gamer’s” under center. I like the coach/qb combination of Carr and Del Rio and if they can win games late again this year, look for the Raiders to be dangerous.


6. Matt Ryan-Atlanta Falcons

Many readers may think this is too low for Ryan, here’s my explanation. Coming off an MVP 2016 campaign, Ryan is losing his best friend/offensive coordinator/offensive guru Kyle Shanahan after he was offered the HC job in San Francisco. This transition will not be as easy as Falcons nation assumes. I would go as far as to say I would rather have Matthew Stafford than Matt Ryan as the quarterback of my team but if I put Stafford before Ryan I would be labeled as a “homer”.


7. Russell Wilson-Seattle Seahawks/Cam Newton-Carolina Panthers

As much as this pains me, Wilson usually doesn’t get the respect he deserves. He has been an absolute godsend in Seattle, using his improvisational skill and zippy arm to make up for the gaping hole that is Seattle’s O-line.

I put Newton here because of his similar raw ability as a playmaker. But his shaky decision making and recent susceptibility to injury create question marks about his future.

Russell will be doing a lot of this in 2017


8. Matthew Stafford-Detroit Lions

Nail-biting comebacks, franchise QB swagger, and the toughness of an ox. Number 9 has got them all, but he doesn’t have a playoff victory to show for it. You can pin a fair share of the blame on a mostly terribly run franchise for that, but big things are brewing in Motown. Stafford is undoubtedly a top 10 NFL quarterback, I’ve got him at 8.

New uniforms looking spicy

9.Ben Roethlisberger-Pittsburgh Steelers/Phillip Rivers-Los Angeles Chargers/Eli Manning-New York Giants

What is he doing? you readers must be asking yourselves. These three future hall of famers were all drafted in the same class, and have all had similar careers in terms of production. Yes, Manning has 2 rings, Big Ben 1 and Rivers 0 but that does not mean any of them are necessarily better quarterbacks than the other. I see all of these guys at a similar skill level heading into 2017, their ability is on the downslope, but their experience and one or two years of gas left in the tank makes up for it.

Going into 2017 Rothelisberger is the best of the 3, but both Rivers and Manning also have teams that I like as possible playoff contenders, with strong supporting casts.


10.Jameis Winston-Tampa Bay Buccaneers/Marcus Mariota-Tennessee Titans

Again??…Yes. These young bucks were drafted 1 and 2 in the 2014 draft and both of them have been neck and neck production wise. I am still looking for one of them to elevate over the other, but they are both so promising. I think Winston has a higher ceiling due to his big-play ability, but Mariota is so consistent and mistake free (especially in the red zone) which makes me feel like he has a higher floor. I’ve got this duo rounding this list off at 10.


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