Broncos Name Trevor Siemian Starting QB

In a decision that probably tells us more about Paxton Lynch than Trevor Siemian, the Broncos have made Siemian their starting quarterback. Lynch was a first round pick in the 2016 with physical talent that needed refinement. It was not surprising that his rookie year was the NFL a equivalent of a redshirt, but the Broncos were hoping that he would become the starter during camp. He’s been a massive disappointment and has not taken many steps forward since his rookie year.

Lynch started and played for the entire first half against the 49ers in the second preseason game. Against a defense that has talent along the d-line but a clear lack of secondary playmakers, Lynch struggled to complete passes down the field. His long looping throwing motion doesn’t do him any favors, and he is very skiddish in the pocket, always looking to run even when there isn’t trouble. Vance Joseph also may want to give Lynch the Mark Sanchez treatment and get someone from the Rockies to teach Lynch how to slide. Every time the dude srambles he dives forward to give himself up.

As for Siemian, good on him for winning the starting job. With competing against a first round pick, the front office and coaching staff likely gave Lynch every opportunity to win the job. You know things are bad when the guy who they wanted to win didn’t.

I’m a bit of a Siemian apologist, but I do believe you can do worse than him when it comes to a starting quarterback. This is a Broncos team that won a Super Bowl with some of the worst play from that position in the league. Obviously we are now two years removed from that and there’s a whole new coaching staff, but it’s something to at least consider. Siemian will likely never take a game by the throat and win it for you, but he doesn’t make back breaking mistakes. He has a year of starts under his belt, so where Broncos faithful are likely dissapointed with Lynch, I’m optimistic about Siemian.

Overall it’s going to be a tough road to the playoffs for Denver this year, and they’re a likely candidate to finish last in a crowded AFC West.

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