3 Trades I’d Love to See

Last weeks trades by the Buffalo Bills were unprecedented at this time of the season. As a fan of football they were exciting, and I hope that these type of trades will happen more. That got me thinking, what trades would I love to see if I could wave a magic wand and make anything happen? Here’s the three I came up with:

1. Allen Robinson to the Arizona Cardinals for a 2018 1st Round Pick

From an outsiders perspective, the 2017 season seems like the last hurrah for the Arizona Cardinals. There is young talent on this team, but it’s likely that this is their last year with QB Carson Palmer and possibly Larry Fitzgerald. There’s also a gaping hole at the receiver spot across from Fitz, so Robinson would fit perfectly there. The urgency to win a Super Bowl and the need at receiver would warrant giving up the first round pick it would likely cost to land Robinson, but hypothetically it would be possible to trade a second rounder along with a back-up player with upside.

As for the Jaguars they’d love to retain one of their young stars, but with Robinson in a contract year if they’re not confident that they can retain him it may be best to get the picks now. Robinson may also want to take his talents where they can be used after 2017, and the frustration with Bortles is growing. This trade would make sense for both sides.

Image result for malcolm butler

2. Malcolm Butler to the Saints for Delvin Breaux and a 2018 2nd Round Pick

Malcolm Butler to the Saints almost happened before the draft, but it ended up being Brandon Cooks that left the Big Easy instead. With the recent injury to Breaux and reports saying that he was on the trade block, the Patriots finally give the Saints Butler who is in a contract year for Breaux who will be back by week 5 and a 3rd round pick.

The deal works for the Pats because they can sign my mom to a 1-month contract to hold them over until Breaux gets back and still win football games. They also get a Day 2 draft pick out of the deal. The Saints shore up their secondary and have a legit duo with rookie Lattimore and Butler to lock down the elite NFC South receivers.

3. Sheldon Richardson to the Cowboys for a 2018 3rd Round Pick

The Jets have been trying to get rid of Sheldon Richardson for years now, and why not Dallas. Jerry likes to bring in his guys with off the field issues, and the d-line is looking really thin.

Richardson along with DeMarcus Lawrence would be some fun toys for Rod Marinelli to play with, and since the Jets’ season is already lost they’d have no issue parting ways with the much maligned defensive tackle for a pick.

These three trades would make all parties involved better teams either in 2017 or for the future.


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