Delvin Breaux Out 6 Weeks With Fractured Fibula

It has finally come out of Saints camp that Delvin Breaux has a fracture in his fibula and will have to miss six weeks.

This is more of a multi-layered story than one would think. Earlier this week, stories broke saying the Saints were looking to trade Delvin Breaux due to frustration over his injuries. However at the time, it’s likely that the Saints still believed Breaux had a bone contusion, as originally diagnosed by team orthopedics. They were growing restless because Breaux was not on track with the recovery expected for a contusion, but when an independent doctor reviewed the initial X-Ray, he discovered that it was a fracture. If the Saints doctors had correctly diagnosed Breaux from the beginning, he would’ve already had surgery and been on track to start week one. Instead, those two team doctors have been fired and now Breaux will not return until week 4 or 5. It would be interesting to know whether Breaux is still on the trading block.

As for the secondary, it puts them in a pinch. The Saints were thin but with Breaux in the starting line-up they had a decent group, now P.J. Williams or Ken Crawley will have to start opposite the 11th overall pick Marshon Lattimore. Lattimore will have to be the guy for the first month of the year, and we’ll see if the rookie is up for the challenge.

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