The Lions Should Seriously Consider Kicking the Tires on Mario Williams

With the season ending injuries to both Defensive Ends Kerry Hyder and Brandon Copeland, an influx of talent is in order. This is why I would love to see GM Bob Quinn kick the tires on possibly signing defensive end Mario Williams.

Williams is a former number one overall pick who has had 7 seasons in which he has tallied more than 8 sacks, most recently in 2014 when he had 14.5. Williams was a disappointment in Miami and after just one season they decided to cut ties. He was cut back in February and clearly didn’t have much interest on the open-market as he remaines unsigned.

Word out of Miami is that he was struggling with personal issues and was out of shape. Williams has fallen out of favor with both the Bills and the Dolphins the past two years, but at this time the Lions have no real room to be picky. He had a few down years before having a resurgence in Buffalo, maybe he can bring the band back together for a Motown encore. Who knows what kind of shape Williams is in, but his talent is worth a call. At 32, he definitely could have a year left in the tank.

Currently Ziggy Ansah and Cornelius Washington who are supposed to be starting have yet to even practice. I’d also like to point out that Washington was a low money free agent signing who has potential but is no sure bet to be good. The back-up defensive ends are Anthony Zettel and 7th round pick Patrick O’Connor. Zettel showed well against the Colts but he’s not ready to be a starter, and O’Connor isn’t ready to be a back up. I would really like to know if Devin Taylor fell out of favor with the Lions organization. He was by no means good last year but I’d gladly have him back for the one-year $850,000/$40,000 guaranteed deal the Giants got him on.

If not Williams, the Lions should also consider free agent defensive ends Jared Odrick and Vance Walker, both who remain unsigned.

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