August 11th Trades Overview

We posted an article on Sammy Watkins going to L.A. which you can still read here, however instead of doing other individual trade articles I thought it would be better to go over it all in one piece.

It’s all crickets from the “NFL would be more exciting if they had more trades like the NBA” crowd, as today big name players from the Eagles, Bills, and Rams all switched spots.

Here’s what each team gained and lost:

Buffalo Bills

Gained: PHI WR Jordan Matthews , L.A. CB E.J. Gaines, L.A. 2018 2nd Round Pick, PHI 2018 3rd Round Pick

Lost: WR Sammy Watkins, CB Ronald Darby, 2018 6th Round Pick

L.A. Rams

Gained: BUF WR Sammy Watkins, 2018 6th Round Pick

Lost: CB E.J. Gaines, 2018 2nd Rounder

Philadelphia Eagles

Gained: BUF CB Ronald Darby

Lost: WR Jordan Matthews, 2018 3rd Round Pick

I don’t think any team “lost” this trade, but it would be hard not to be disappointed as a Bills fan right now. They didn’t have much of a shot to win the division, but with the Dolphins losing Tannehill and a relatively wide-open race for the wild card in the AFC, they had a more than reasonable shot at that. They essentially replaced Watkins with Matthews and Darby with Gaines, two definite downgrades that in their eyes the 2nd and 3rd round picks make up for. Pressure will be on the front office to make sure those picks are good. It is interesting to see them cut ties with Watkins, who is healthy now but has been a regular in the trainers room since they traded up to get him. It’s also notable that the Bills have lost their #1 and #2 corners from last year with Stepfon Gilmore

The Rams have re-united Robert Woods with Sammy Watkins. Watkins gives the Boy King an actual #1 receiver assuming he plays most of the games, and most notably less excuses for poor play. With Watkins outside and Gurley behind him, Goff as a #1 pick needs to be able to head a productive offense to hush any talk of LA drafting another QB in 2018.

The Eagles came out of this trade looking the best in terms of the 2017 year. By adding Ronald Darby, they now have a legit NFL starting corner in their secondary which they did not have yesterday. Darby is not quite a ‘lockdown’ corner, but is a fringe #1 guy much like the Darius Slays and Robert Alfords of the world. The Eagles now have a guy at every position on defense that can be relied on. With the departure of Matthews, the Eagles must really believe in the apparent revival of Nelson Agholor. I was hesitant to talk about those reports because I thought it may just be the usual pre-season hype, however now Agholor will have to be a productive part of their receiving group.

Along with the Zeke suspension, August 11th was quite the day in the NFL. I’m looking forward to seeing all the players with their new respective teams in the pre-season and in full swing week one.


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