Patriots Become First NFL Team to Own Planes

This is one of the cooler things I’ve seen in a while.

The Patriots have their own jet, decked out in all Pats colors with 5 Lombardis on the tail. Even with my disdain for the Patriots, I’d be pretty psyched to see my Lions roll up to the away teams airport in this beauty.

The interior has been customized to feature all first class seats, some of which can recline fully. I would also imagine that they’ve included more team-friendly amenities, such as trainers tables and equipment to speed up recovery times. The plane can fly up to 12 hours non-stop.

Charter flights have begun to cost teams more and more every year. Usually, commercial companies give their planes to teams, but even for only 10 guaranteed road games this can cost as much as $4 million dollars a year. Companies are also phasing out some of the older, bigger planes that can carry all the equipment and staff a NFL team travels with. American Airlines told 6 teams last year that it could no longer fly them to games.

This is a new phenomenon in the NFL, and whether other teams follow suit remains to be seen.

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