BREAKING: Jay Cutler Signs 1-year Deal with the Miami Dolphins

Don’t turn on the mic just yet.

After originally signing a deal with FOX to enter the broadcast booth, Jay Cutler is putting that part of his career on hold to re-unite with Adam Gase in Miami. The Dolphins have signed him to a one year, $10 million dollar deal to take the place of Ryan Tannehill. Cutler had one of his better years as a pro while Gase was the OC in Chicago, and Gase’s recruiting pitch seems to have worked after it was earlier reported that Cutler was leaning towards not playing.

Personally, I love this move for the Dolphins. I never have been a big Cutler fan, but he was the best option on the market talent wise. Another bonus is since he was a free agent the Dolphins didn’t have to give up anything to get him. I expect to hear a lot of trash from the peanut gallery on the Dolphins not signing Kaepernick, yet they do not realize that 1. he isn’t good and 2. endorsing Castro and being the starting QB of the Miami Dolphins don’t exactly go hand in hand.

Say what you will about Cutler’s ability and his seeming lack of enthusiasm for playing football, I still think that he is a top 25 QB in the league. I also believe that getting out of Chicago will be good for him. Cutler has never been physically limited, and maybe in another year under Gase with a new team he can continue to grow.

With Matt Moore I would not predict this team to make the playoffs, but with Jay Cutler they definitely have a shot. I will wait to see how he looks in pre-season before making any formal predictions, but the drop from Tannehill to Cutler may not be as big as many would think.


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