Late July NFL Over/Under Odds I Like

Glancing over NFL teams betting odds this afternoon, here are a few I like.


Arizona Cardinals…..8 wins…..OVER

The Cardinals come back after a clearly disappointing 2016 season looking to do damage in one of the NFL’s worst divisions. I like this group better than Seattle and expect them to win 8 games by week 12.

Chicago Bears…..5 1/2 wins…..UNDER

The Bears will not win 5 games this year.

Dallas Cowboys…..9 1/2 wins…..UNDER

I think this young Cowboys team will have a sophomore slump in 2017. Mainly due to the talent of their division and strength of their schedule.

New Orleans Saints…..8 wins…..OVER

Throughout the makings of the BackJudge, I have harped on my belief in the Saints coming into 2017. This is a major prove it year for Brees and co. and it will not be easy in their division. This is my riskiest bet, but I am practicing what I preach in terms of my belief in this group…Who Dey.

Seattle Seahawks…..10 1/2 wins…..UNDER

I believe the Seahawks are one of the most over rated NFL teams coming into this season. Their blatant holes on the O-Line will cost them. I see 10 wins as their absolute ceiling, 8 or 9 being more realistic.





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